The Pegasus Commitment

We are aware of the fact that the unique style and features of our product may be unfamiliar to you, Therefore if you have not have achieved the desired results with any of your first 10 orders, within a period of 3 months, we will remake them in consultation with the podiatrist.

Pegasus Care Plan Cover

Pegasus Orthoses come with a lifetime guarantee against breakage. However, this does not protect you from the unforeseen costs of replacing: outgrown, lost, stolen or accidentally damaged Orthoses. “The Pegasus Care Plan” will offer coverage for a full two years from the date you are fitted with your Orthoses at cost of £60.00.


Replacement Orthoses available to patients under sixteen.

Accidental Destruction, Loss or Theft

A lifetime guarantee ensures free replacement for damaged or broken devices. Pegasus are delighted to provide Cover on devices that have been lost or stolen.